Exquisite Venues of London

Exquisite Venues of London Artbook 2015 - Henk van Cauwenbergh

Henk’s book is a kind of visual love letter to the city, his images depict the vibrant cafe society and the fast changing cityscape… The magic of London doesn’t strike at first, but the city is imbued with a secret charm, and one has to venture into a journey of discovery to see unfold its hidden treasures.

Like with a person, superficial beauty loses its attraction very soon, unless there is some soulfulness to discover beyond it. The observation of London’s geographic, and cultural environment, consciously organised or not, and of the city’s many boroughs has a specific effect on the emotions and behaviour of its habitants. The city is totally beguiling, but there is nothing complacent about it.

City life is a collage of moments, be it places, people or emotions, the book captures these observations with atmospheric black and white images to reveal its effervescent energy. It contains many street scenes from the city’s various boroughs, details of old and new buildings, parks, public art, and other various vignettes that epitomise the ironic undercurrent inherent practically everywhere in the city, if one cares to notice. This book translates in flowing rhythm Henk’s perception of London.

Exquisite Venues has no literary pretences, but reflects London as Henk sees it now; dynamic and visionary in its progress, yet retaining its nostalgic attraction. The book wants to honour the spirit of the city.

Nathalie Hambro