Amazing Flavours of Amsterdam

Amazing Flavours of Amsterdam Artbook 2016 - Henk van Cauwenbergh

Lazily rousing from your slumber in a spacious hotel room, the bells of the Westertoren happily ringing in the background. Enjoying a restaurant dish clearly prepared with passion, while the canal lights shimmer all around you. Painting the town with your honey, exploring medieval streets and alleyways until dawn, and rediscovering both the city and each other. That’s what Amsterdam means to me – that and so much more. No other city around the world is filled with so much fun, freedom and good times.

And it isn’t just me who thinks Mokum (a term of endearment for Amsterdam, the old Yiddish word for ‘safe haven’) is one of a kind. There’s a reason why so many odes have been dedicated to this city; be it songs, paintings or pictures. Photographer Henk van Cauwenbergh recently made a new attempt and succeeded brilliantly, in my opinion. I recognize myself in his vision; the way he approaches the sensuality and mystery of it all and manages to capture it in images that reveal so much more than words can ever hope to.

Do allow yourself to be enticed by this glorious, comprehensive book and savour your long, romantic weekend in our gorgeous capital.

Karin Swerink